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The evergreen eastern rainforests

Discover Andasibe National Park, the most visited protected area in Madagascar due to its proximity, located only 145 Km from the capital Antananarivo, and Masoala National Park, the largest National Park in Madagascar, located in the North-East, on the granite peninsula of Masoala.

Everyday wildlife species discovery, diving, kayaking.

The particularity of Andasibe is first of all the morning song of Indri Indri, the largest of the lemurs: it offers a gentle awakening and arouses curiosity. This natural park is also home to many other animal species. The ecosystem of this place is varied with colorful flora and fauna: orchids, guava trees, bamboos and eucalyptus. A naturally green visit!

That the Masoala peninsula is truly exceptional is not new, it is a wonder of biodiversity.

The park has ten species of lemurs, including the Aye-Aye: the largest nocturnal primate in the world. This park is one of the few places in the world where the primary forest still descends from an altitude of 1300 meters to the sea. The Masoala Park is also one of the rare regions of Madagascar having succeeded in the feat of connecting the forest to the sea. An archipelago of forests and rocks, coral reefs, seagrass beds and narrow strips of mangrove forests.



Day 1 : Arrival in Antananarivo

Arrival at Ivato International airport from your international flight. Welcome and transfer to your hotel.


Day 2 : Antananarivo – Andasibe

Drive to Andasibe ( 144 Km/3h ). You will have the opportunity to observe the traditional red brick houses and thatched roofs, as well as rice fields. 

Stop on the way in Marozevo for a short visit of the private reserve “Pereyras”, where reptiles and chameleons are easily seen. 

Once in Andasibe, installation at your  hotel.


Day 3 & Day 4 : Andasibe National Park

2 fulldays dedicated to visit the National Park of Andasibe, to meet the Indri Indri and other species of lemurs, orchids, tree ferns, lichens, birds, etc.

Night walks along the national park can be organised, to spot the nocturnal species of lemurs.

Accommodation at your hotel.


Day 5 : Andasibe – Antananarivo

After a last morning spent in Andasibe, drive back to Antananarivo.

Lodging at your hotel.


Day 6 : Antananarivo – Maroantsetra – Nosy Mangabe – Masoala

Transfer to Ivato airport, then fly to Maroantsetra withTsaradia regular flight ( scheduled only twice per week : on Sundays and Wednesdays ). 

You are met on arrival at Maroantsetra airport and transfer to the boat for a short ride to the island of Nosy Mangabe. Laying a few kilometers southeast of Maroantsetra in Antongil bay, it’s an island full of history, with tombs and ancient writings engraved on rocks by pirates. It is a special reserve and part of Masoala National Park, and is a real island of dreams, offering amazing wilderness experiences. 

After the visit, you embark on a second boat trip across Antongil Bay to your hotel. During this boat cruise, You’ll get the opportunity to enjoy dolphin sightings and, seasonally, whale sightings (July to September ).


Day 7 & Day 8 : Masoala NP

Youll spend 2 fulldays enjoying the National Park of Masoala. It is a world apart where nature lovers can admire the incredible biodiversity found in the forest and sea. Visitors will not only hear the whales’ song and the lemurs cries, but also the melody of waves hitting the sandy beaches and the most incredible frog concerts.


Day 9 : Masoala – Maroantsetra – Antananarivo

After en early breakfast, boat transfer back to  Maroantsetra, transfer to the airport for your flight back to Antananarivo ( scheduled only twice per week : on Sundays and Wednesdays ).  Meet and transfer to your hotel.


Day 10 : Antananarivo – Fly OUT

Transfer to Ivato international airport for your international return flight.

Ask for a quote. According to your budget but also to the expected length of your stay, we can adjust the program and will consider accommodation that are adapted to your needs.