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The northern area from the bays to the archipelagos

A tour rich in contrasts that will let you discover the 3 bays of Diego Suarez ( or Antsiranana ), reputed for their beautiful landscapes, nices beaches and safe lagoon, the Amber Mountain National Park, a high place of endemicity with its waterfalls and lakes, but also the Red Tsingy canyon and the Tsingy of Ankarana, these limestone pinnacles of impressive appearance, the Cocoa and vanila plantations of Ambanja and the lemur island of Nosy Komba. The tour ends with a boat expedition to discover the paradise island of Nosy Iranja.

An area containing treasures which will be revealed to nature and culture lovers  in search of silence, authenticity and immensity.

Day 1 : Arrival in Antananarivo

Arrival at Ivato International airport from your international flight. Welcome and transfer to your hotel.


Day 2 : Antananarivo – Diego Suarez

Fly from Antananarivo to Diego Suarez, at the extreme north of the island. By the arrival, fullday dedicated to discover the bay of Diego Suarez with its many seaside resorts, such as : the Dunes bay, the pigeon’s bay and the Sakalava bay which are all reputed for their beautiful landscapes, nice beaches and safe lagoon. The walk along the bays is really amazing : rugged coastline, beaches of fine white sand lined with rosewood, baobab and flamboyant. Splendid swimming spots.

Accommodation at your hotel.


Day 3 : Diego Suarez – Montagne d’Ambre

Short car trip south of Diego, crossing Joffreville (an historical town  characterized by its European architecture) to visit Natural Park of Montagne d’Ambre ( 25 Km ), which is a high place of endemicity with 77 species of birds, 7 species of lemurs and 24 species of amphibians. 1020 plant species are also listed.

Accommodation at your hotel.


Day 4 : Montagne d’Ambre – Tsingy rouges – Ankarana

4h drive to reach Ankarana special reserve, located about 100km from Diego Suarez, with a detour to visit the “Tsingy rouges” or “Red Tsingy”, which provide a wonderful spectacle of color and sculpture. The sandy track threading between the palm trees « satrana » is not easily accessible but the brightness of tsingy, hidden treasures, well worth the trip! Shaped by wind and rain, made of colourful laterite soil, right at the feet of eroded canyons, their balance is fragile.

Late arrival in Ankarana, lodging at your hotel.


Day 5 : Ankarana Special Reserve

Fullday dedicated to discover the Special Reserve of Ankarana. Tsingy (these limestone pinnacles of impressive appearance ), sacred lake, botanic trail, canyons, caves with stalactites and stalagmites, bats and crocodiles, make its singularity. It is the largest underground network in Africa. It is a park of great adventures between wild and mystical nature.

Walk through the limestone formations, visit caves surrounded by dry deciduous trees such as Baobabs and Elephant foot plant, home to the crowned lemurs, the ring-tailed mongoose and the northern sportive lemurs.

Accommodation at your hotel.


Day 6 : Ankarana – Ankify – Nosy Komba

3h drive until Ankify, our embarkation point for Nosy Komba, passing through plantations of coffee, cocoa, ylang ylang, sugar cane and cloves. We will stop in Ambanja to visit one of the most beautiful plantations in the world, discover the cocoa route at the source of the greatest chocolates, vanilla, peppers, pink peppercorns and other spices … but also find out where are born the essences of the greatest perfumes Ylang, vetiver, patchouli, vanilla …


Once in Ankify, we take the boat to the island of Nosy Komba ( 30 mn ), which means « Island of lemurs » and is the second main island of the Nosy Be archipelago. It is also known to be home to many lemurs considered as sacred by the inhabitants of the island. You will find there among others the Macaco Lemur which lives in groups of twenty individuals and which feeds mainly on the fruits of the island.


Day 7 & Day 8 : Nosy Komba

Days at leisure in Nosy Komba  to relax. .

A link between Nosy Be and the big island of Madagascar, Nosy Komba rises to 622 meters and is covered with a dense and thick forest, surrounded by volcanic rocks that protect it from the sometimes tumultuous waters of the bay. Exceptional views and awe-inspiring panorama, visitors will not risk being disappointed. The most courageous who are not afraid of 5 to 6 hours walk, can try the ascent of Antaninaomby (621 m) which promises at its top a breathtaking 360 ° view of the entire archipelago and over 300 km of Malagasy coast.

During your stay in Nosy Komba, we will organise a fullday boat excursion to discover Nosy Iranja. Called the turtle island, and made up of two small islands separated by a bank of pure white sand, it is ideal for a romantic day out.

But you can also discover the other surrounding islands such as Nosy Tanikely ( a unique marine reserve ) or  Nosy Sakatia ( the Orchids island ).


Day 9 : Nosy Komba – Nosy Be – Antananarivo

Boat transfer heading to Nosy Be ( 15 mn ), going to airport and fly back to Antananarivo, with Tsaradia regular flight. 

Meet and transfer to your hotel.


Day 10 : Antananarivo – Fly OUT

Transfer to Ivato international airport for your international return flight.

Ask for a quote. According to your budget but also to the expected length of your stay, we can adjust the program and will consider accommodation that are adapted to your needs.