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Wildlife and luxury

This tour is designed for those who are fond of wildlife but at the same time are eager for comfort and luxury.You will discover extremely rich ecosystems and an extraordinary biodiversity on the wildest but most beautiful places of the big island, lodging at the most exceptional lodges. All journeys will be done by private charter flights. A mix of unusual experiences !

  • – Masoala Forest Lodge, a place to connect, explore and relax in the middle of a nature of pure wild splendor. 
  • – Mandrare river camp, the perfect place for combining wildlife, culture and luxury.
  • – Manafiafy beach & rainforest lodge, also known as Sainte Luce, a beautiful sandy bay, fringed with forest covered mountains and wildlife rich mangroves.
  • – Anjajavy, Madagascar’s only “Relais & Châteaux”, a land of untouchable beauty, bordered by white sand beaches and a nature reserve of exceptional richness

Day 1 : Arrival in Antananarivo

Arrival at Ivato International airport from your international flight. Welcome and transfer to your hotel.


Day 2 : Antananarivo – Maroantsetra – Masoala

Transfer to Ivato airport, then fly by private charter flight to Maroantsetra ( scheduled only twice per week : on Sundays and Wednesdays 06:30/08:00 ). 

You are met on arrival at Maroantsetra airport and transfer to the boat for the voyage across Antongil Bay to MASOALA FOREST LODGE. The journey takes around two hours, with the possibility of dolphin and whale sightings and the forested mountains of the Masoala Peninsula as a dramatic backdrop to the destination. 

On arrival at the lodge beach, you are welcomed ashore and settle into camp. 

After freshening up in the accommodation, lunch is served in the beach house. 

The afternoon activities include exploring the beaches and coastal forest in the lodge area and maybe enjoying a swim in the sea, before taking a guided walk along the coast past Tampolo Point, with the possibility of spotting white-fronted brown lemurs in the coastal forest. 

Return to camp for sundowners around the fire on the beach and dinner in the lodge. 

Day 3 : Masoala National Park

Awaken early for coffee and breakfast on the sea deck before setting off on the day’s adventure. 

Today this is a walk down the coast and up into the primary rainforest in search of the Red-ruffed lemurs, Dwarf chameleons and other wildlife endemic to this forest. 

After some hours in the dense forest with the giant hardwoods and majestic tree ferns return to camp by boat for a well-earned lunch and rest. 

The afternoon activity could be a snorkel on the nearby coral reefs, rich in diversity, or a guided sea kayak to the look-out rock at the “Secret Cove” for the sun set, with the chance of a close encounter with Bottlenose Dolphin or Green Turtle. 


Day 4 : Masoala National Park

A relaxed start to the day and breakfast-buffet on the sea deck. 

Depart on a guided walk through the coastal forest, in search of more birds and mammals. 

After a couple of hours walk, take a welcome swim in the crystal clear water of the cascades of the Tampolo River at the foot of the forested mountains. 

Return to camp on a traditional dugout canoe paddled down the shady river. 

After lunch, enjoy a relaxed afternoon swimming on the private beaches or snorkelling on the coral reefs. 

A guided nocturnal walk with the intriguing possibility of seeing some of the secretive nocturnal wildlife such as Leaf-tailed Gecko, Dwarf and Mouse lemurs and maybe even the elusive Aye-Aye. 


Day 5 : Masoala – Nosy Mangabe – Maroantsetra – Antananarivo

An early breakfast on the sea deck. 

Board the boat for the voyage to the island of Nosy Mangabe. 

Once ashore on the densely forested island, explore the network of trails with your guide with a chance of spotting Black and white-ruffed and White-fronted brown lemurs, leaf-tailed geckos and perhaps a Madagascar tree boa. You can view the traditional Malagasy tombs in a cave and the engraved rocks on the “Plage des Hollandais”. 

You board the boat once more for the voyage to Maroantsetra and transfer to the airport in time for the charter flight out to Antananarivo ( scheduled only twice per week : on Sundays and Wednesdays 10:00/11:30 ).  Meet and transfer to your hotel.


Day 6 : Antananarivo – Ifotaka – Mandrare

Transfer to Ivato airport and fly to Ifotaka by private charter flight ( scheduled only twice per week : on Mondays and Thursdays : 09:30/11:30 ). 

Short car transfer to  MANDRARE RIVER CAMP.

Upon arrival at the Camp settle into your tent and enjoy the majestic views over the Mandrare River. 

In late afternoon, head for a walk through the Sacred Spiny forest filled with the ancestral tombs of the local Antandroy tribe, as well as an extraordinary array of flora and fauna, unique to the spiny forest.  Your English speaking guide and a tracker from the local community will give you an introduction to Antandroy culture and customs. Your visit is followed by sundowners on the Mandrare River banks.

Overnight Mandrare River Camp.


Day 7 : Mandrare

After breakfast of freshly baked croissant and pain au chocolat, fresh fruits, cereals and breads, continue to the stunning Sacred Gallery forest to the south of the Camp. Depending on the river depth, you will walk or take a boat across the Mandrare River to reach this largely deciduous forest. Inquisitive groups of ring tailed lemurs and the always entertaining Verreaux sifaka are the highlight of this excursion. 

Return to the Camp for lunch and a relaxed afternoon.

Around 5pm depart for a night walk in the Forest of Zenavo. This is a fantastic way to see diurnal lemurs bedding down, and the nocturnal lemurs begin to wake in the eerie and prehistoric Spiny Forest. You will spot Sifakas and sleeping White-foot Sportive lemurs, then once the sun has set, two mouse lemur species, sleeping birds, chameleons, owls and now active Sportive


Overnight Mandrare River Camp.


Day 8 : Mandrare

After a cup of tea or coffee head to the Spiny Forest for an early morning walk. Witness the sunlight break through the octopus trees while looking out for the many endemic birds such as Crested Coua, a variety of Vangas and the Running Coua.

Head back to the Camp for a sumptuous breakfast followed by a visit to the local market (on Thursdays and Saturdays) or the local village to meet the fascinating Antandroy tribe. 

Lunch will be served at the Camp followed by a relaxed afternoon watching life along the river from your tent terrace. At 5pm, depart for a sundowner amidst the baobabs. Watching the sun set and moon rise with a view across the Baobabs to the mountains beyond is a magical experience. In the evening the local village may come to perform beautiful traditional dances, accompanied by singing and music. Song and dance is at the heart of Antandroy culture and is used to accompany the major rituals and events of everyday life.

Overnight Mandrare River Camp.


Day 9 : Mandrare – Ifotaka – Fort-Dauphin – Manafiafy

Short drive to Ifotaka airstrip, then fly to Fort-Dauphin with private charter flight ( scheduled each Monday and Thursday : 11:30/12:15 ). Upon arrival, drive to Manafiafy ( 2h30 ).

Manafiafy Beach and Rainforest Lodge sits nestled into a forest-fringed cove on a tranquil stretch of white sand beaches rarely seen by anyone other than the local fishermen that have lived here for generations.


Day 10 : Manafiafy

Here you will find mangrove forests that twist and stretch inland from the cove only to give way to breathtaking rainforests that are home to a number of diurnal and nocturnal lemur species as well as a vast array of incredible chameleons and birds. Come and relax by the sea or search the forests and mangroves for endemic species of wildlife and flora. At Manafiafy, you can have it all.

The lodge takes full advantage of its location straddling land and sea to offer you a rich variety of sea, shore and rainforest-based activities. All of these are included in your stay at no extra cost, unless otherwise indicated.

Choice of activities: Whale watching lookout tower, daytime and nighttime walks in the rainforest spotting lemurs, chameleons and insects, Whale watching (Extra cost), Sport fishing (Extra cost), Motor boat trips into the mangroves, Canoeing, Open air massage pavilion, Coastal trip with picnic lunch, Fisherman’s village of Manafiafy, Traditional palm mat weavers, Visits to local markets and schools,….


Day 11 : Manafiafy – Fort-Dauphin – Antananarivo

Drive back to Fort-dauphin airport ( 2h30 ), then fly back to Antananarivo with private charter flight ( scheduled twice per week : Tuesday and Friday 10:00/12:00 ).

Meet and transfer to your hotel.


Day 12 : Antananarivo – Anjajavy

Back to Ivato airport and fly to Anjajavy with private charter flight ( 3 times per week : Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday 07:00/08:30 ).

Located on the west coast of Madagascar, 120 km North of Majunga, Anjajavy is the name of a fishing village and a wonderful peninsula at the end of the world inaccessible to the uninformed visitor.

Anjajavy le Lodge is member of Relais & Châteaux and ranks as a four stars plus establishment on European standards.

Anjajavy le Lodge is one of Madagascar’s luxury Lodge, it is the perfect destination for the demanding eco-tourist.


Day 13 & Day 14 : Anjajavy

Anjajavy le Lodge is a great sample of Madagascar. You’ll be able to experience many of the highlights and attractions of this beautiful country in one place.

  • A dry deciduous forest made of palissandre trees, ebony trees, baobabs and other plants endemic to Madagascar. 
  • A mangrove forest which is a protective coat for the Reserve.
  • The Tsingy, famous millenary coral remains carved by erosion.
  • Beautiful deserted and wild beaches.

The Reserve is also home of a wide variety of lemurs, reptiles and other endemic flora and fauna. The wide floral diversity brilliantly arranged including papyrus, tree ferns, all types of creepers and rare palm trees is the perfect refuge for the Souimanga Sunbirds, the Malagasy Kingfisher and the Malagasy Paradise Flycatchers. The pond attracts frogs and chameleons, and the trees surrounding it are the playground for groups of lemurs.

Madagascar’s west coast enjoys sunshine almost all year round.


Day 15 : Anjajavy – Antananarivo – Fly OUT

Fly back to Antananarivo by private charter flight (3 times per week : Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday 09:30/11:00 ).

Connecting with your international return flight.

Ask for a quote. According to your budget but also to the expected length of your stay, we can adjust the program and will consider accommodations that are adapted to your needs.